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1/12/06 Happy New Year bitches! This movie has been out of production for a long ass time. I have shot 3 new scenes including Michael (a black guy) picking cotton in our Blair Witch scene and  Britta as a hooker and horny for a retard. Movie will be back in production in March. So anyone who wants to participate, must E-mAIL me!!!!
5-4-05  Wow nothing rocks. We are still looking for more actors. AUCT seems to only air us at 1 in the morning when it's APPROPRIATE and way better than that Girl Scout shit. Shellee and Tori have joined the cast apparently--but right now my main focus is my crush...the hottest in the world and we're going to prom! E-MAIL ME PEOPLE!
4-13-05 A month later since I've updated. Nothing new really. Jen and Laura have been added to the cast. Jen will be the main challenging role of the girl I needed for a year--CYDNEY. Thank you Jesus for Jen. Laura is interested but her role is uncertain. We shot the Niggas Bell scene, where I ask a black guy at Taco Bell for a Niggers Bell Grande--not NACHOS!! It's HILARIOUS!!! Nah, it's just a segment to add to the plot of me being a facist, racist pig--no, but you'll see the ending!! Shooting rebegins this weekend, though I work.
     AUCT was supposed to air my new trailer on Local 18,15,24 Cable Access. At the end I gave information for anyone to be in it, and I haven't gotten one DAMN e-mail! Are they jipping me or is it true that only the Girl Scouts and retards with keyboards are watching the station AND on it!? I wish I had a better site. Let's hope this gets done VErY SOON!!!
3-11-05 Napolean spoof featuring Fish will be shot Monday due to the fact Paige lost her tape in class. I swear to god the whities are pissing me off, but who doesn't!? The scene will discuss the gay army that will conclude the movie.
3-8-05 Shooting will be scheduled next weekend in Cincinnati. The movie has a deadline for April 5. We have LOTS of scenes to do, but we've made progress this whole year already. Anyone interested should E-mail me ASAP. A quote list (which will probably be the whole script since it's just one big JOKE...) will be posted as well as plot sypnosis, characters, actors and whatnot once I get more time. Look for it.
3-4-05 Finally I created a website for the production work. I will include mass updates involving the film's progress as well as any new pictures and twists. The first movie under TRANsistorFILMS is The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever starring director, Rory Tran as well as Shaina Fricker, Ashley and Britta Sanders, Ryan Pierce, John Hardwick, and Brandi Finns.
     Recently Brie and Justina have joined the cast as well as Troy Shuman. Word if Derrick Blair and Kate will still be their characters is hard to say. Troy is taking Derrick's scene in The Ohio Bong Explosion scene spoofing Texas Chainsaw Massacre ...
     ALSO** We are still looking for actors ready to plan fun offensive rules between the ages of 15-27 years of age with some acting skills (that doesn't mean you had to take an acting just need to know how to make yourself do things ie: facial expressions, scream, etc)

Please do not be offended by the content of this page as it was published a few years ago. I was 17 or younger.

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