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Clip collection of various media projects in Cincinnati by A. Tran and his team.
Now Playing: "It's Going Down" - scene from Duality,
"The Rebellion" from Crosses to Bear,
"When Britney Met Elvis" - from INPERSONNATION.
Sky Rat (Nissan Overdub)    ...and more
Universal Intelligence - the full short film!
COMING SOON:  INPERSONNATION - "What's Britney Cooking?"  ...and more! Check back often for new clips!

"Universal Intelligence"

"It's Goin' Down" clip from 2008's Duality
(A brief segment from this Cincinnati college film hints at the events soon to come. Tiffany is over 70 hours deep in staying awake. Soon duality will break through the rift...) 

When Britney Met Elvis - from INPERSONNATION
(The Biggest F.A.K.E.S. competition is being held - that's Fabulous Amateurs Keeping Entertainment Simple guys! - and throughout the building is many celebrity impersonators!)

Titney Spears "Gimme More" Music Video
(Footage from INPERSONNATION, this music video came to light when there was extra cutaways of the Britney character and then was cut to this Britney Spears song. Get a laugh at this!)

RadioShack Overdub
(The audio was removed from this popular commercial and replaced with a new script involving Howie's new love for cats and a cheap wireless plan!)

(The first DVD to be released through Trippy Tran & BMC Cincinnati has to have its first trailer. See the 3 films Duality, Universal Intelligence, and INPERSONNATION. Sequel coming soon.)


"The Rebellion" clip from 2007's Crosses To Bear
(Once the church and state merged into a power-hungry nation, a man is kidnapped from prison in order to serve the underground rebellion in their fight to kill the Anti-Christ.)

"Indian Giver" Music Video from Universal Intelligence
(In the 48 hours we had to shoot Universal Intelligence, producer and BMC graduate, Dok Heath, wanted to shoot a music video to play after the credits. Now on DVD!)

Universal Intelligence   Behind-The-Scenes Photo Slideshow
(Features photos on set from this Cincinnati 48 Hour film Project finalist)

Sky Rat Nissan Ad - Ms. Swan Over-Dub
(In my first year of college, my Audio class gave out an assignment to take a national commercial and learn all the elements of Audio. Music, Voice Overs, and Sound Effects. We took this commercial and replaced the audio all ourselves. I did the voice of Mr. Swan from MADTV)

POV Project for Zo Wesson 
(Project given out by Zo Wesson: Making the Band 2, The Real World, Katt Williams Live, etc. Us students had to use cheap, mini cams to try and make our point of view project in this full length edit, including 3 directors and producers who tie in their stories together)

The Duality DVD is now available for a limited time only! Get your copy at any Brown Mackie College Cincinnati bookstore (Glendale Milford Rd. in Woodlawn or Linden Point in Norwood) and sign up to be a part of the sequel!

Features the films:
Universal Intelligence
And the upcoming films:
Challenge (working title)
The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever
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