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Here are the characters in MY version of the movie. I'm hoping once it gets out that I can work hard to become a director and go to college so I can really make this film with a bigger production::
I'm only 17 damnit I started this when I was 16! -Rory


Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Taking a break from work

What a job!

My original movie poster. I need more people with expertise to help me out with this.
-Digital Image Design Layouts for posters
-Work well with cameras
-Good with lighting
-Creative and smart
-Can read lines and act like yourself or someone else while not being TOO serious
If you said yes to any of my qualifications, then you REALLY need to e-mail me. I am solo on this whole project as of 2006. AIM: UniqDude16 but I prefer e-mail so come on and hit me up!

Quotes of the week:

Lines from this film may be rude, crude, racial, or offensive but is NOT meant to be taken seriously. Most of my favorite quotes have already been shot and if you have a favorite from the story, E-mail me
January 2006 -
Cydney (in confessional/Real World parody): "DaDonia and D'asha are two black girls that....kind of smell like Rallys.
Michael Jackson: I have a dream, that one day, black people will not have to pick cotton No Mo'
Alex (flamer, walking up to hookers Britta and Lauren on the corner): Do you guys know where the boys are at?
Britta: Have you ever had a thick chick with these kind of lips!? *smooch*
Alex: UGH (pushes Britta's tits, forcing her away and walks up to Lauren) You'll do. (Grabs her arm and arm)
Britta: Hoe!!! A penny....slut. (agitated) I'm horny for a RETARD.
Evil Ring Girl: (A girl crawls out of the TV. She stands up with rage sounding as a Peurto Rican from the projects): You shoulda never messed wit yo twin brotha cuz you's about to be DEAD unless you picks me up a chaaaluuuuupaaa.
Cydney: When everyone heard The Ring was coming out, didn't you think they were talking about jewlrey. I mean what a bad title. They should have called it "Freaky Little Circle" it'd make more sense.
(Texas Chainsaw remake spoof, girl blows her head off in the car. Everyone screams hysterically and then...)
Derrick: Is anyone hungry for a burger?
Jodee: I'm game.
(After the black dude, Jaykay, slices his neck and collapses)
Killer: Goddamnit, I wanted to play KKK!!!!!
March 7- (outside apt) - "Were you chompin on three sticks of my butter!? I had four and now I only have one" *Hungry Potentials* --classic joke
February 28 - (in barn)-
Brie: "I'm about to have an NF" 
Justina: "Ohmagod! You're gonna have a nicotine fit!?" 
Brie: "No, a nigga fit!" *BARN FUN scene*

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