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Duality and Other Movie Challenge Films (DVD)

Duality and Other Movie Challenge Films (DVD)
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You can own a copy of this award winning Cincinnati film collection by:
  • Going to Brown Mackie College Cincinnati's Bookstore located on Glendale Milford Rd
    OR their alternative campus at Linden Point located in Norwood on Montgomery Rd.             ($10 Cash only please)
  • Sending an e-mail with your name, number, and amount of copies you wish to own.
  • If you know the Director, hit him up and he will gladly hook you up
    This is the only way to own this collection of films. It costs $10 and sales benefit the Audio Video Production club at Brown Mackie,, Brown Mackie College itself does not receive any profit unless
    otherwise stated.

A movie challenge categorizes many of its preceeding competitions. In Cincinnati, there is the College Weekend Movie Festival, the 48 Hour Film Challenge, and at Brown Mackie College Cincinnait there is the campus' own Big Movie Challenge.
These movie challenges require a leader (usually the director or producer) to pick a random genre from a mix. That team must implement that genre into their film. There are also requirements that every team must abide by. This includes usage of a prop, a particular named character with a set profession, a line of dialog, and sometimes a bonus requirement like a landmark. All of this has to be in your film or you are disqualified.
Judges vote on each film and come up with a list of winners, who are then awarded for their efforts.


"Duality" is the story of a college student who agrees to stay up for 80+ hours after dealing with a rocky past. She believes she is in control of her life and ignores the intuition of herself and the suggestions of her best friends. When she house-sits for her neighbors, feelings surface, and she discovers more than what she has buried.
Winner of 10 Awards including Best Movie, Best Director, Best Soundtrack, & Best Female Lead for Brown Mackie's Big Movie Challenge October 2008.
Directed by Anthony Tran
Starring Christina Shay, Alex Cunningham, and Kandi Beard
Written by Nick Austin
Based on the story "Split" by Anthony Tran

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Watch the official music video below

"Universal Intelligence" is a spy/action film about an alien race that comes to Earth to retrieve an artifact that can destroy the breeding planet of males. The opposing planet sends their best spy to investigate the doings of Krybesa and her croonies by morphing into the bodies of human males and posing as decoys to further balance the universe.
Won Best Choreography in Cincinnati's 48 Hour Film Competition 2008 in June and when played with the other films, received one of the best audience reactions for its unique style and MMA inspired fights.
Fight choreographed by MMA fighter Rasheem.
Directed by Anthony Tran & Onarae Heath
Starring Josh Luckett, Star Castleman, and Dok
Written by William Alexander

"Universal Intelligence" Music Video Now on DVD!

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Watch Titney Spears' "Gimme More" music video from the movie "INPERSONNATION"

"INPERSONNATION" is a comedy inspired by popular figures and characters in 2007. Britney Spears came back with "Gimme More", Napolean Dynamite was still the quirkiest hit, and Elvis Presley will always remain the King. What happens when impersonators enter the F.A.K.E.S. (Fabulous Amatuers Keeping Entertainment Simple) competition? Let's just say childish antics, rivalry, and words are thrown at each other. Only the person with the most truth ends up perservering.
Written for the September 2007 Big Movie Challenge, the graduate director decided it was too big of project to film and wrote a script at the last minute over INPERSONNATION. Anthony then made the project see the camera's lens in May 2008.
Directed by Anthony Tran
Starring Robin Krebs, RC, and Dolla Bill
Written by Anthony Tran & Co-Written by Stephanie Hayes


"Liars, Cheats, and Thieves"
Directed by Mike Doench
Starring Universal Intelligence actor Josh Luckett and Trippy Tran
Made for the College Weekend Movie Festival 2008
Team: Brown Mackie/Ides of March

BTS Acting in "Liars, Cheats & Theives" Coffee Shop

Final scene BTS "Liars, Cheats, and Thieves" Ides of March

Crosses to Bear
Directed by Onarae "Dok" Heath
Starring Bobby Long, Diego Atley, Trippy Tran, & Jinx
Made for the 48 Hour film competition 2007
Team: Brown Mackie

BTS "Crosses to Bear" Chase

Features the films:
Universal Intelligence
And the upcoming films:
Challenge (working title)
The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever
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