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Read an auto-biography on Anthony Rory Tran, the director, by clicking here or by scrolling below
Read a biography on Christina Shay of Duality here or by scrolling below
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Auto-biography of Anthony Rory Tran


Anthony Tran was born in Cincinnati, OH in 1988. His dad is Vietnamese and his mother is a mix of European-American. He grew up in the suburbs of the Nati in the Amelia/Eastgate area and there is where he began to enjoy writing short stories throughout his youth.
By the time he reached middle school, he found a new favorite genre. He began to write stories where fate and reality was twisted, but also enjoyed cruder humor after having a lack of awareness as a child. When high school came around, he joined the Small Schools program in Amelia and took the Creative Arts & Design in hopes to learn about movies and television. Junior year of high school, he joined Scarlet Oaks' Digital Television program, and learned to shoot and edit various projects. That is when The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever was written in 2004.
A few years later, he got involved with Brown Mackie College Cincinnati and began joining movie challenge teams as a personal assistant. When he met Stephanie Hayes, he helped her out with her Video Production project When The Viper Calls, a quirky mystery/comedy about a mysterious voice calling the house while teenage couples watch When a Stranger Calls late one evening. The yearly 48 Hour Film Project came around and Stephanie was assigned the role of Director of Phototgraphy. He was then placed as "The Rebel Leader" in 2007's Crosses to Bear.
In September of 2007, Brown Mackie College's Big Movie Challenge came around and Anthony signed up as a crew member and was given the writer position. With inspiration from Stephanie, and lead actor (who played the main role in Crosses to Bear) Bobby Long, INPERSONNATION was born. However, with the Vista formatted script being sent to Brown Mackie's outdated 2003 Word Processing programs via e-mail, it became an unreadable script. Kevin decided to write his own script without notifying any of the cast and crew and INPERSONNATION was then set aside for The King and I, a sitcom-style comedy on Elvis and Bobby as roommates. Even with a dedicated cast and crew (who really wanted to shoot INPERSONNATION) Kevin bailed on his own project. The editor was upset with the given footage, and played with the story making it even quirkier than what it was.
After various side school projects, Video Production was then a class of Anthony's, who decided to tell INPERSONNATION himself. With a small cast and crew put together, the story began to unfold and he had a record of 2 and a half hours of raw footage for his class project. When edited, the movie was shown for educational purposes by instructor, Jeff Winkelman.
With passion running through his veins, Anthony signed up to be a leader on the 48 hour film project, and was given the role as director. Working with last year's director, Onarae "Dok" Heath, they put together a combo of a production and made Universal Intelligence, which was Brown Mackie's first student film to get played more than once for the competition, making city finals and winning Best Chorepgraphy. The audience response was phenomenal as it shook the theater with "OHs!" and "AHs!"
September rolled around and it was time for the Big Movie Challenge 2008. Both Kevin Birchfield and Mike Doench signed up (who had done previous movie projects also) and Anthony was teamed up with his favorite star from INPERSONNATION, Robin Krebs. Together, they called crew members from the divided list they were given and put a team of hard-working, passionate students for both film and music. The result became Duality, a trippy and mind-twistiing movie on a girl who does a sleep deprivation study, written by somebody who knows first-hand what it's like, Nick Austin. Based on the concept of "Split" by Anthony Tran, this movie became one highly anticpated release and is the cover for his first DVD!
After the movie was created, Special Features were planned. Anthony pulled a majority of the cast and crew to do green screen interviews and even put together a behind-the-scenes photo slideshow of their experience on set. An idea crossed his mind to record a song for the movie, since it ends in some suspense, and the release of "Within" was added to the credits. Also a documentary of recording the song was chosen as an extra feature for the DVD. Also, there are Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, and the official Promo. For the first DVD, it is selling for $10 at Brown Mackie College's bookstores or through this website.
His next plans are to combine all three movies into one mash-up parody film involving INPERSONNATION's Titney Spurrs, Duality's Tiffany, Kandi, Kyle, and others, and possibly Universal Intelligence's Dok.
He has many nicknames, hairstyles, and attitudes. In 2004, he acquired the name "Rory" based on his singing style in karaoke of "roaring" to bands in his growly screamish voice to KoRn, Orgy, Linkin Park, Bush, etc. Another name he goes by is A-ro, a combination of Anthony and Rory given to him by his best friend from high school and lastly Trippy Tran, a name he gave himself after the idea that his life seems to be so uncertain.
If you would like to be a part of any film works while he is still in the Cincinnati area, send an e-mail to

For any questions, comments, or to apply to be part of the team, send an e-mail to the address below:

TrIpPy TrAn

Biography of Duality cast members


Christina Shay was born in 1988. Her mother is Taiwanese and she has the opportunity to travel a lot. Her first movie role was in "Duality" in which she plays a character who tries to conquer a sleep deprivation study. She has always wanted to act, but was never given the chance. She mentions that she was a little afraid of her role in "Duality" because it was a genre she was unfamiliar with as an actress, but nonetheless the challenge proved that she can master anything! She is currently writing her own novel and will be participating in the "Duality" sequel.


Alex Cunningham is part Italian and is a very business oriented man. He joined the cast of "Duality" when speaking with Anthony one night at a bar. He plays Christina's ex-boyfriend who still hangs around her in hopes to become better friends, but has broken her heart. He is in fear of her safety when he realizes she's been without sleep for over 60 hours and is trying to socialize. By influencing her feelings, he encounters a darkness of his own. He too will be joining the cast for the sequel.


K.C. Jacobs has been in other film works including Avenging Disco Vampires and part of the segment comedy similar to the style of Robot Chicken called, . Through his friend Jenny, he met Rory Man at Blue Rock Tavern on Tuesday's karaoke night, and it was mentioned that there was a film to be shot for the movie challenge. K.C. gratefully agreed and was part of the set since they began production. He has said in an interview that he would love to be part of a sequel, a spoof, or any movie that Rory makes.

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