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"I've seen your 3 movies. I've concluded you're insane yet talented much like myself." Will Corson (Lebanon, OH)
"Yeah it was creepy. I really liked it (Duality). I want to see the others on the DVD." - Justin (Alexandria, KY)
"It's fun to watch, I thought it was just a regular movie really." - Mike J. (Fairfield, OH)

The following reviews came from Brown Mackie College's Psychology class in Novermber 2008. They viewed a nearly completed version of the movie and were asked to reflect on it. New edits have been added to the final copy of the DVD that is now available.
Reviews are from people ages 18-50 and include people of different ethnic backgrounds.
All reviews are mostly anonymous.
"The film was very interesting. I really enjoyed the movie. The storyline was really going along from beginning to end and that was great for it to be a (college) school project. Keep up the good work."
"Movie overall was a good concept, even though it wa a little hard to follow without a narrative it was interesting. The special effects were pretty cool."
"Very good! The only thing I would add is a more consistent tracking of her sleep deprivation*. 48 hrs. 60 hrs. 100 hrs. etc.  :) - Your teacher"
*There was plans for the tracking and it has been added to the official DVD.
"I really like how the sounds were on cue with the images. Althought the acting was a bit amaturish, it wasn't over the top and (the movie was) very well done."
"It was a pretty good movie. I'd like to see what can be done with more special effects. Really impressive that this was done over 4 days."
"The movie has a good opening. I(t) does a good job at showing the different side effects of sleep deprivation. The music is very well orchestrated. Great job on the effects for what resources you had. Overall it was a great film. Keep up the good work. Maybe we can work on one next time." -Glenn
"Dialog is kind of forced - it doesn't seem natural. If possible - white noise in the pool hall scene should be tamped down. Some of the sound is weird - it goes from really loud to quiet and noises for the background dominate - making dialogue hard to hear. Maybe it was the projector but it was also hard to see - very dark.
    I would like to see the end of background music fit more closely with the end of a scene - a few times it was still going after a new scene started.
    Overall the ideas is pretty good but I would focus on a lot of the technical stuff and the flow of the dialogue - maybe cut back on the length of the pauses between lines."
*This is a movie that should be watched in darker lighting and with the floodlight glaring on the projector, it made some of the scenes hard to see. Most of the white noise has been "tampered" down or replaced.
"The scenes are very well thought and played out. (It) did get a little confusing there at the end. The music & the sound effects are very nicely done. All in all, very well put together."
"It was a cool movie."
"I thought it was a good movie. I was surprised that the quality was so good as it was being shot in 4 days and on a low budget. I'll have to get you to shoot my video."
"Nice music. Good sound effects."
"I really enjoyed the movie. I think the music went really well with the movie. I believe you could really make it big! Keep it up."
"I'm really feeling the music on your movie. For a movie with no budget, you did a great job. If you need people to help on your next project, let me know. I'd be more than willing to help. I love to network. Get at me. I'm diggin the movie doe (though). That's hot."  - Ryan
"Very professional, over all a good movie."
"Very interesing, loved the music and the sounds. That was good. I think I am definitely going to make sure I get my sleep."
Do not read if you do not wish to know what may happen in the building of the plot.
"I think the movie was awesome. I love how when she was in the woods the background and scary guy kept changing."
"I think the spirit guy was really creepy. The way he moved was wicked. I liked how you flashed back and forth from light to dark on the woods scene. Overall the woods scene was pretty much awesome!" - Sarah
"The movie was interesting because it did reflect how our life is in a battle of the spirits good and bad. Good job!"

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